ScaleBiz is software designed to help manage your restaurants, or stores, through four key stages, allowing your company to reach its potential.

Prospect helps organize onboarding documents from prospective franchisees or licensees. Develop monitors the progress of new construction white and black boxes. On board follows the task schedule of steps needed to open a restaurant. Scale manages open stores going forward by tracking vital statistics about the entity.

Tasks List


Our carefully detailed task list will help you open your store on time. It is customizable and tailored to your onboarding experience.

Email Reminders

Email Alerts

Weekly reminders are sent out that will help you keep in the loop of important onboarding deadlines. They include:

  • List of Upcoming Openings
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Current Tasks
  • Store Anniversaries

Employee Roster

Employee Roster

A directory of the people and invaluable resources who help your restaurant.

Store at a Glance

Store at a Glance

Once you have opened your restaurant, keep track of your day-to-day operating information, from revenue to utility usage and everything in between.

Coaching Support


Don’t know where to start? Guidance and support from the Fresh Admin team will get your restaurant up and running. Weekly conference are available.

Document Fileing

Document Managment

See at a glance what documents you have received, and which ones are missing, from your prospective franchisees.