About Us

ScaleBiz was created by Hazel Bodner and Chris Catignani for Fresh Admin LLC.

Hazel Bodner created the original new store opening software using AccessApps to wrap her hands around managing multiple buildouts. Today, it is true cloud software on the Internet and a valuable communication tool helping partners understand what restaurants are about to open and when. Thursday emails keep everyone on the same page. The checklists throughout ScaleBiz help administrators, supervisors and managers get stuff done and off the list.

Hazel Bodner

Hazel Bodner Hazel Bodner is a partner at Fresh Hospitality. She has helped the restaurant giant grow since 2013. Her administrative, legal and organizational skills are vital in the buildout process. She has contributed logic and creative to this programming stack. Her past experience as a software developer and restaurant accountant add depth to the software design.

Chris Catignani

Chris Catignani Chris Catignani has been a software developer for over 30 years. Throughout his career he has always looked to find a smarter, faster way to help end users accomplish their goals. Here he has pulled together all his experience to create a robust program easily adaptable to most devices. Chris primarily develops with C#, ASP, MVC.

Our software will help you scale your business.
We provide a framework, administration and coaching to help you grow.